PESS Lunchtime Sports Supervisors

 Mr Wyatt (teacher), Miss Williams (Lunchtime Supervisor) and 10 year 5 children were selected to undertake PESS training. PESS stands for  PE and School Sport program and is focused on keeping children focused and active during lunchtimes.  Year 5 pupils will lead activities which they have been taught and created themselves under supervision of Mr Wyatt and Miss Williams. During the training the children were shown how to focus on enjoyment, inclusion for all and safety.


Our hope is that this long running program will engage pupils during their lunchtimes and possibly open their eyes to sports they might not have played at any other time.


The 10 children chosen are; Jack McNeil, Holly Armstrong, Josh Lock, Abigail Rumsey, Cai Walklate, Emily King, Joseph Allman, Georgia Davies, Gareth Owen and Catrin Parry.


Below is a timetable of the ages they will be 'coaching', these are open to change as the year progresses. 

Mentor Day

Name of Boy

Name of Girl


Jack Mcneil

Holly Armstrong

Year 2




Josh Lock

Abigail Rumsey

Year 3




Cai Walklate

Emily King

Year 4




Joseph Allman

Georgia Davies

Year 5




Gareth Owen

Catrin Parry

Year 6