What is Giglets?


Giglets is an exciting free online reading resource provided by the school to support home learning. Parents and children have full access to the whole library completely free of charge, there's a whole range of fiction and non fiction books for all ages, interests and abilities. 

With the use of Giglets, it will do much to engage your children, and of course involve you as parents.

The children may be asked to access Giglets from home, perhaps to share a story with you, to complete some tasks set by their teacher or simply to read for pleasure.

Your teacher can view the books you have read and send a message, so it's a fantastic way to keep in touch. You just need to log in by following the instructions below.


How to get started?


  • Click on the link to the Giglets website:
  • Click on 'Log On'
  • Fill in the Log in details as follows:
    • Select 'Pupil'
    • The school code is: Penygelli
    • Your Username:   Hwb email address
    • Your password will be given to you be your teacher


How to login to Giglets as a pupil

This is "How to login to Giglets as a pupil" by Giglets Education on Vimeo

How your pupils can use Giglets

This is "How your pupils can use Giglets" by Giglets Education on Vimeo,