School Council Action Plan

School Council action plan (November 2022)


Over the next half term:

  1. Begin having Year 5/6 children coming to read to/with FP children on a Thursday (assembly) and 2.45-3.00. Mr J's class to start this. 
  2. Children with consistently good behaviour to get rewarded - already on the cards anyway (TBC how this happens: start by trying non-uniform Fridays)
  3. Set up fidget toy boxes for each class for use as and when the teacher feels the children need them
  4. Near the end of term (date to be arranged) have a whole school Christmas cookie baking day ....each class to make their own choice.....cookies to be boxed up and delivered to local care homes/residents/children's wards at hospital

After Christmas:

  1. Further visits to care homes (to do activities)
  2. Local doorstep drop of flowers
  3. Whole school (or maybe Y3-6 only) to make blankets for the baby ward at the hospital - volunteers to be sought who may be willing to come into school to help with this!
  4. Fundraising! (See below)


  • Crazy hair day (possibly after Christmas, so as not to clash with Children in Need)
  • Enterprise Day (either at Easter or in the Summer) - where each class plans, makes, markets and sells something. 
  • Make and sell gifts for Father's Day (and possibly Mother's Day too, if possible) 
  • Any other ideas we come up with!

Fundraising will hopefully go towards a big project, e.g. an adventure trail or canopy – to be confirmed!