Our School Improvement Plan for Parents

Highlights from our Estyn Inspection Report - May 2023


‘Penygelli Primary School provides a warm, caring environment for pupils.'


‘Pupils feel safe and well cared for by their teachers with whom they have strong working relationships.’


‘Nearly all pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They listen well in class, show respect for adults and kindness towards their friends.’


Pupils engage enthusiastically with their class topics and enjoy challenging themselves to apply their skills in unfamiliar contexts to solve problems.


‘The curriculum offers a broad range of learning experiences.’

‘Provision in the school’s nursery class matches the principles of foundation learning well. Pupils have valuable opportunities to learn through play and exploration and receive effective support from adults.’


‘Most pupils make good progress in developing their reading skills.’


‘Nearly all pupils develop their physical skills well.’


‘Many pupils’ Welsh speaking and listening skills are consistently good.’


‘Pupils with additional learning needs make strong progress.’


‘Most pupils develop positive attitudes to learning. Overall, they engage well with learning tasks and sustain concentration, often showing determination to complete their work.’


‘Pupils’ behaviour is excellent and they treat one another and adults with respect.’


‘Pupils benefit from the school’s extensive outdoor environment. Staff plan appropriate learning opportunities for pupils to explore, practise and enhance their skills.’


‘A strong team of teaching assistants support classroom learning skilfully and deliver a good range of intervention groups, for example to improve pupils’ reading skills and support their emotional well-being.’


‘The partnership between the school and parents is a strength, placing the school in the heart of the community.’

‘There is a sense of pride in being associated with the school and parents value the positive role it plays in developing their children’s enthusiasm for learning.’

Penygelli School Improvement Plan 2023 - 2024