How to support your child with Growth Mindset

Teaching Your Children a Growth Mindset could be the

Most Important Lesson they will Learn


It’s important for parents to understand how their child’s mindset influences their behaviors, motivation, and achievement. More and more teachers and school administrators are embracing growth mindset as a strategy to bolster student motivation, and these same strategies can be used at home with great results.

There may be a mindset movement picking up steam in your child’s school, or it may be something you’ve heard about but want to learn more. Here, we’ve compiled some resources to help parents understand what the growth mindset is, why it’s important, and how it can be supported in the home.


Developing a Growth Mindset in Your Child Starts with You!

As parents, you play a huge role in influencing the mindset of your children, so it’s important for you to model a growth mindset for your children. Showing your children that you are excited by challenges, see mistakes as learning opportunities, and understand the value of practice and trying different strategies will go a long way in cultivating their growth mindsets!


Understanding Mindsets

A growth mindset is the underlying belief that abilities can be developed through effort and practice. Children with a growth mindset persist in the face of challenges because they understand that effort and hard work can change ability and intelligence. A fixed mindset is the belief that intelligence is static, and cannot be changed. When children are in a fixed mindset, they tend to give up easily when they encounter obstacles, because they believe that they don’t have what it takes to learn hard things.


Ask you child what they have been doing to develop a Growth Mindset.


Top 10 Growth Mindset Resources for Parents