School Council

Penygelli Hall Project

The School Council have now been involved with Penygelli Hall Nursing Home for two terms.  They first visited Christmas 2018, when they involved the residents in a Christmas star activity. Later that session they sang traditional carols with the elderly people  who reside there.

Their next visit was Easter, again a craft activity was completed (designing an Easter Egg.  The children also took along a variety of poem books to share with them.

This was a truly amazing experience, the residents (many who suffer from dementia) sat up and beamed at the pupils as they read a mixture of entertaining poems.

The pleasure was evident on each and every face.  The whole experience was out of this world.  The children behaved exceptionally as we now come to expect!  The empathy shown by children of this age (6-11years) was incredible and a real credit to their parents.

Monthly visits have been planned.


Healthy & Safety Tour With The School Council

This term the School Council helped the Governors and Headteacher to carry out a thorough audit of the outdoor site and the inside building.  The children were very observant and soon became very adapt in spotting dangers, wherever they cropped up (headteacher had a scolding for not keeping his office tidy and safe.


The report drawn up was then shared with the full Governing Body by the School Council representatives. Parents accompanied their children and had the opportunity to see their little ones present their findings.  A follow up tour has been requested by the pupils (just to keep on top of things- well that's what they said!!).